Are You Ready To Laugh?

Leroy The Hobo Clown continues to bring joy and laughter to children and adults of all ages. Beginning in 1981, Leroy The Hobo Clown fell in love with the peace of providing smiles and ministry through clowning.

"The greatest joy of all is to lead someone into the knowledge of the Lord," states Leroy.

Clowning not only changed Leroy's life but it has changed and touched the lives of so many others around the world. Leroy is motivated by unconditional love for others. Clown ministry may happen in a hospital, nursing care facility, hospice center, synagogue, parade, festival or anywhere that an interaction happens. Leroy may nurture another’s soul by bringing comic relief to a stress-filled person, whether that happens in a 1-on-1 situation or in a large group.

Come on into the world of Leroy The Hobo Clown and experience buckets of laughter, tears of joy and peace in your hearts.

iRock Ministries ~ Terry Williams

"I have had the joy of working with Leroy the Hobo Clown (a.k.a. Gary Grant) on several different occasions. Leroy the clown is mild mannered with a powerful message. He is soft spoken and connects with the youngest kids while still keeping the older kids attention. Through ballooning, illusions and stories he is able to share important messages at a kids level. His laid-back approach to clowning makes him approachable and friendly with the kids. If you are looking for a clown to bring some joy into the lives of children then Leroy the Hobo clown is for you."