Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, Children of ALL Ages

Leroy The Hobo Clown was brought to life in 1981 by Gary Grant in order to bring joy and laughter into the hearts of the wonderful creations of the Lord...YOU!

"I have been clowning for over 30 years. Just to name a few places I have worked: Smithfield Ham & Gourmet Food Festival; Pork Pine Peanut Festival ,Chip Pokes Plantation State Park in Surry ,VA.; School Carnival at Tabb Elementary School in Yorktown VA.; as far away as Mexico and South Dakota ,on an Indian Reservation; and locally for the Peninsula Dream Center. I have also been doing the entertainment for the Auto Dealers Underprivileged Children's Christmas Party for 28 years for 300 to 400 children."

Leroy The Hobo Clown also provides many Christian messages through his work. Sometimes, the best message is that which comes in the simplest of forms.

If you are looking for fun, excitement, interaction, comedy, magic, love, joy, laughter, and/ or relaxing then you've come to the right place. Look no further!